About Matriarchy

In One Sentence:

We don’t do things that are trending.  We do things that matter.

More Details:

Matriarchy is a female-focused organization with the mission of eliminating discrimination and prejudice towards demographics concentrated with women by hosting empowering celebrations where we can connect.  Our community is filled with feminists, lesbians, and members of the Goddess Movement.  Matriarchy’s team includes a variety of producers, talent, and supporters.

Our Events:

All of Matriarchy’s events are a liberating, no-shaming, non-judgmental, inspirational environment of artistic expression and creative exploration.  We encourage all individuals to release their youthful spirit and embrace each other’s similarities and differences.  They include many activities that encourage opening minds to each other’s ideas and perceptions of the world such as expressive protest sign making, an interactive debate wall, custom swag art creation, and much more!

Join The Movement:

To join us you are welcome to attend our eventsvolunteer, become a member, partner with us as an official sponsor, or — if you have a very strong individual following — support us through celebrity endorsement!  If you would like to be booked as a musical artist, other type of performer, or reserve a spot as a vendor contact us.