Matriarchy’s – GOOD WITCH – Enchanted Wizard of Oz Party!


January 27 - 08:45 pm


January 28 - 01:45 am


Queertainment's Matriarchy



People of all genders and sexualities are invited to come rock out at this LGBTQAI+ event to party in unity!

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Text MATRIARCHY to 55498 for a magical discount! 🙂

*** Are you a good witch or a bad witch? ****

This party is where the good witches come out to play! Don’t fret if you’re a bad witch. In the lands of Matriarchy, we won’t be dropping any houses on you. 😉 Turn up the volume and hit play to get a taste of the experience!

*** More Details ***

The dance party is being hosted by AfterEllen staff writer Lily Khuu whom has been hosting lesbian events for the past two years in Southern California. The DJ lineup includes live mixed house music and hip-hop remixes by LiquorBox, BRI, and DJ Matriarchy. Dancers Jade Show and Madison Orange will be lighting up the dance floor while psychic reader Michele Woodward will be giving guests insight into their futures. Professional videographer Sarah Woodward will be running around with her 4K camera capturing the fun on camera!

*** A Taste of The Experience ***

-Costume Contest
-Rainbow Confetti
-Enchanted Scenery
-Food Vendors
-Dancing Good Witches!
-Psychic Readings
-Interactive Party Props
-Live Mixing DJs
-Partytime Vibes

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