Become a Member of Matriarchy

Become a member of Matriarchy.  Join the movement.

By becoming an official member of Matriarchy you help donate towards a feminist cause and support female-focused liberating gatherings.  Contact us to become an official member.  You also get perks!

Perks! Woo hoo!

To show you our appreciation for your support, we’re laying on the special treatment! You membership package is filled with fun!

– Magical Party Pass –

VIP entry into all Matriarchy events with your own personal guest list — meaning no cover charge for you or your friends.

– Feminist Swag –

You will receive a free loud and proud feminist swag shirt so you can let the world know that you want them to hear you roar PLUS you will get 10% off of EVERYTHING in our feminist swag shop!

– Handmade Protest Sign –

We put a lot of love into our protest signs.  They are hand-painted with black chalkboard paint and gorilla taped to aged bamboo sticks.  It’s not going to be easy for us to part with one, but we’re willing to do it for you.  What makes these signs the best is that they are adaptable to any protest because you can write and erase with chalk!

– Spotlight Feature –

We will publish an exclusive article all about you on our website to spread the word about how awesome you are!  This article will showcase what makes you unique and can be used as your own personal electronic press kit.


– Exclusive Invite List –

We will text message and/or email you whenever there’s a sweet feminist gathering that we support so that you’re always in the loop!  Whether it be notorious events like Women’s March, a pop-up Matriarchy party, or a small local protest, you’re going to know about it — because we’ll make sure you get the memo!


$250 Only $50 during our membership package launch period!

This is a $600+ value for only 50 bucks.  Pretty sweet.


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